What makes us green

See what steps Cranleigh Freight Services are taking to reduce our carbon emissions.

CFS has recognised the need to develop our environmental credentials and in January 2008 launched its new Environmental & Sustainability Policy, concentrating on improvement within our key areas of concern.

Environmental damage:

  • Vehicles, Fuel, Trailers, Networks

Sustainable use of natural resources:

  • Water source & conservation

Waste management:

  • Warehouse, Office, Communications

Energy Conservation:

  • Electricity, Heat Sources

Environmental restoration:

  • Carbon footprint (Tree Appeal), Restoration of natural landscape


  • Consumables, Locality


The Stats

101,060 = The kgs of cardboard we recycled in 2009
11,820 =  The kgs of polythene we recycled in 2009
80 =  The cost in GBP for a tonne of landfill disposal
300 =  The number of trees we planted in association with The Tree Appeal
730 =  The kgs of CO2 captured by a single tree over it’s lifetime
15 =  The % increase in efficiency by using more streamline trailers
17 =  The number of trees saved by recycling 1 tonne of paper.
33 =  The % reduction in office waste 08-09 through system automatio