£1.2bn spent on repairing damage caused by potholes

UK freight drivers have been warned to expect more potholes in the UK’s roads due to recent adverse weather conditions.

According to the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), there are more than two million potholes in British roads and routes are likely to deteriorate further in the next few weeks as the country is battered by rain, ice and snow.

The risk to commercial vehicle operators is potentially massive, with Halfords Autocentres estimating that the cost of repairing vehicles reached £1.2 billion last year.

In excess of 8.9 million vehicles sustained steering or suspension damage, while FleetNews.co.uk reports that the number of potholes reported to local authorities rose by 18 per cent.

Rory Carlin, Halford Autocentres’ director of marketing, said: “The surface of our roads is deteriorating to the point where drivers are now likely to encounter a potentially-damaging pothole during most journeys.”

The average bill for pothole-related repairs is £140, but the Freight Transport Association estimates the cost of taking a vehicle off the road is around £3,000.